Oct 18 2012

Warcraft – Data\world.MPQ: Cannot stream required archive data. Please check your network connection


Ok, here is how do I solve my game problems with the “data\world.MPQ” error message.

At this point, I tried every single workaround solution that I read in the forums (delete files, move files to desktop, change DNS, a Loooonnnggg reinstall, etc…) with random results and always fall in the same error situation after a few days. That was very frustrating for me especially with a very few hours a week to play my Alliance paladin against the horde.

I noticed that the situation was ‘probably’ a memory allocation problem because when I try to see the program status in the task Manager, it always appear stuck in 6.6+Mb and does not go up as usual in the memory column.




Please, notice that I am running the x64 version in windows 7 (Wow-64.exe)


So I decided to change the way that windows use to reallocated program memory with the only and initials tools that gamer have to do this task without disrupting the end user license. I mean “Program properties

To do this, you need to go to the program directory. My game file is located here:

C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft




You need to do a right click in the main game file. In my case are Wow-64.exe and NOT the “world of warcraft launcher”. Take note this is important because the launcher only call the game, but the launcher IS NOT the game, so if you are running an x86 (32 bits) version and you have the same error message problem you will need to select the file properties in the “Wow.exe”.


In the file properties windows select “compatibility” and change the compatibility mode for the game file with the selection box in the left side of “Run this program in compatibility mode”. In my case, I select the Windows 7 option, click apply and Ok.

Click Apply, Click OK, and run the program as usual with the game launcher.


I made it and work for me. Just to be sure I remove this option, reboot my PC and the problem appear again. I do it a couple of times just for testing purposes previously to write this post.


Please notice that this workaround function for version 5.0.4. If in a near future there is a game update we will need probably to repeat this sequence.

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